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Collecting payments

Payit gives you a secure and fast way to collect and request payments from your customers.

Eligibility criteria and fees apply.

Payit piggy bank
Payit piggy bank

Ensure your customers can pay you easily in an efficient way that suits your business

Simple and efficient payments

Can Payit remove the headaches from your payment processes?

  • Instant collection – payments usually taken immediately.

  • Same day refunds.

  • Recurring payments.

  • Ease your data pressures – reduced customer data handling and do not need to collect or store your customer payment details.

  • The security and trust you’d expect from NatWest – help protect your customers against fraud by using their preferred security – password, fingerprint or facial recognition.

  • Choice of settlement options – Immediate settlement or next working day bulk settlement.

The payment journey

Put customer experience at the heart of your payment processes.

  • One-off and reusable requests – send secure requests via email, letter, WhatsApp or SMS.

  • Own the look and feel – ensure the payment experience is tied to your brand.

  • Fully integrate Payit – embed effortless payments into your website or app.

  • Flexible tech – available as WordPress WooCommerce plug-in.


You will need to sign up to Payit terms and conditions and you may need to hold an account with us. Your business must be based and trading in the UK with a turnover above £6.5M. You must be 18 years or older. Fees apply. Speak to a NatWest Relationship Manager (where relevant) for further information, or request a call back.

Customer stories

Williams Trade Supplies

With Payit, Williams found a cost-efficient solution for collecting and sending payments, offering their customers a fast and easy way to pay online, remotely and in-store.

Williams companies logo

Sun-Hat Villas and Resorts

Sun-hat Villas, an online travel agent, previously relied on a payment system that demanded significant manual effort from both its staff and clients.

Sun hat logo

Wyboston Lakes Resort

Luxury hotel, Wyboston Lakes, turned to Payit and offering customers an alternative way to pay, one without the need to enter card details, was the way to go.

Wyboston Lakes Resort

What next?

  1. Engage and explore

    Fill in our enquiry form and one of our team will be in touch.

  2. Connect and build

    Access the Payit sandbox and engage with your internal teams.

  3. Test and prove

    Test the Payit connection and prove the end-to-end proposition.

  4. Go live

    Connect to the Payit production environment, test and go live. It’s as easy as that.


Which Banks are connected to Payit for our customers to pay from?

Below is a list of both the CMA9 banks and other key banks/account providers that are currently connected to Payit.

Below is the connected list as of November 2023.





First Direct





Ulster Bank




Bank of Scotland



Danske Bank

Ulster (NI)

Starling Bank

HSBC - Business

Marks and Spencer

HSBC Kinetic

Allied Irish Bank (NI)

Allied Irish Bank

Bank of Scotland - Business


Lloyds Bank - Business

How does Payit work?

Payit utilises secure Open Banking APIs to facilitate payments without the exchange of account details. This is achieved through a payment initiation call to the customer’s bank via Open Banking APIs. The customer authorises a payment using their bank’s online or mobile banking journey and funds are sent as a Faster Payment.

What technical resource is required to integrate?

The API technical integration is relatively straightforward, and we have a readily accessible sandbox which you can use to safely develop and test in. Please see our developer zone for technical specs.

If you are using e-Commerce site such as WooCommerce then you can request our plug-in.

How much does it cost?

Our charging structure is based on a fixed rate per transaction, with discounts applied for large volumes. Please complete the form with your business details and we’ll happily contact you with details of pricing.

How can I find out more information?

Complete the details on the form and one of our sales team will contact you.

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