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About Payit™

About Payit™

How does Payit work?

Payit utilises Open Banking APIs to facilitate payments without the exchange of account details. This is achieved through a payment initiation call to the customer’s bank via Open Banking APIs. The customer then authorises payment using their bank’s online or mobile banking journey and you receive funds via the Faster Payment rails.

Currently, you can integrate Payit in three ways: a Payit hosted journey, and direct embedded integration into your technology infrastructure, and via a plugin. The key steps in the hosted journey are outlined below;

  1. Customer selects Payit as the payment option
  2. Access token request sent to and issued by Payit service
  3. Ecommerce site sends payment information to Payit service. Payit responds with TPP ID & redirect URL
  4. Customer directed to Payit bank selection page and chooses their bank
  5. Payit facilitates API call to chosen bank and manages customer handoff to bank site/app
  6. Customer logs into their bank and authorises payment. Bank sends payment consent & redirect to Payit
  7. Payit sends payment request to bank and receives a Payment ID in return confirming a faster payment has been initiated
  8. Customer shown confirmation of payment Payit page and is handed back to your ecommerce site
  9. Payit sends payment status to your ecommerce site
  10. Payment confirmation page on your ecommerce site

Direct embedded integration offers the same key steps as outlined above, but your customer is not fully redirected to a Payit hosted page and undergoes more of the journey within your mobile app or browser.

We also have a Payit Plug-in that is available for both WooCommerce WordPress and Adobe ecommerce users, where merchants can include Payit in their shopping cart payment options, simplifying the integration process. More information on these can be found by contacting [email protected]

Which Banks are connected to Payit for our customers to pay from?

Which Banks are connected to Payit for our customers to pay from?
Below is the connected list as of November 2023.




First Direct





Ulster Bank




Bank of Scotland



Danske Bank

Ulster (NI)

Starling Bank

HSBC - Business

Marks and Spencer

HSBC Kinetic

Allied Irish Bank (NI)

Allied Irish Bank

Bank of Scotland - Business


Lloyds Bank - Business

Do we need to have to have an account with the NatWest Group?

You may will need to have a dedicated NatWest Group account to use Payit. More information on these can be found by contacting [email protected]

Are charges subject to VAT?

No. Payit charges are a blended charge including the PISP technology platform service and the receipt of the payment and as such are exempt from VAT.

Can we receive international payments?

We have focused our initial offering on UK domestic payments however we plan to enhance Payit to enable international payments to be initiated via Open Banking. Stay tuned.

Can we only send payouts to personal accounts?

Sending Payments can send payouts to both personal and business accounts.

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