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Customer story:Sun-Hat Villas and Resorts

Luxury travel agent Sun-hat Villas transforms its whole payments process with Payit™.

Payit Sun Hat Villas and Resorts
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Transforms payment process and customer experience

Sun-hat Villas is an online travel agent that provides its customers with luxury holiday accommodation across Europe and the Caribbean. The company’s previous payments system required a lot of time-consuming manual input on the part of both its employees and customers. What’s more, the fiddly process of matching payments with booking references and manually typing in payment amounts was prone to human error.
Sun-hat Villas was looking for a way to automate its payment processes, reduce the scope for human error and provide a much more customer-friendly way to collect payments, in line with its role as a provider of luxury holidays. Payit ticked all those boxes.

How did Payit help Sun-hat Villas?

By choosing Payit, Sun-hat Villas has been able to

Cost savings

Cost savings

Save on card processing fees as Payit works on a fixed cost basis per transaction.

Reduced administration

Reduced administration

Cut the amount of time-consuming manual admin for its employees.

Better customer experience

Better customer experience

Transform how its customers make payments, with the process now consisting of just a couple of clicks.

Eligibility criteria and fees apply. You will need to sign up to Payit terms and conditions and hold an account with us. Fees are based on the volume and average value of e-commerce transactions. Speak to a NatWest Relationship Manager (where relevant) for further information, or request a call back.


Now that Sun-hat Villas uses Payit, it just sends its customers a simple payment link that they click on to use their online or mobile banking platform to authorise the amount they need to pay. The booking reference is automatically pre-populated so the payment is automatically allocated to the correct booking. Payit is helping Sun-hat Villas save on transaction fees and has massively simplified the way its customers pay. It’s also slashed the amount of time its staff spend processing payments manually.

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