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Customer story: Wyboston Lakes Resort

Fast and simplified payments for Wyboston Lakes Resort with Payit™.

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Good for customers and the business

Nestling in 380 acres of beautiful rural Bedfordshire, Wyboston Lakes Resort boasts a luxury hotel, golf course, business areas and two events venues. Looking to keep ahead of the competition and deliver outstanding service to their discerning customers, Wyboston Lakes turned to Payit.

Offering customers an alternative way to pay, one without the need to enter card details, was the way to go. With Payit, the resort’s customers were now able to quickly authorise payments from their mobile banking app. For the business, funds were now instantly received into the company account, reconciliation was streamlined, and processing charges lowered (compared to card transactions). It was a positive step for everyone at Wyboston Lakes.

How did Payit help Wyboston Lakes?

Wyboston Lakes implemented Payit to collect payments from their customers for both ecommerce and point of sale transactions, along with the ability to refund transactions without needing to know or store the customer’s bank details.

Better customer experience

Better customer experience

Quicker payments and refunds improving customer experience.

Reduced costs

Reduced costs

Reduced transaction processing costs compared to card fees.

Data protection

Data protection

Simplified the end-to-end reconciliation process and reduced data handling requirements – no customer details are shared or stored.

Eligibility criteria and fees apply. You will need to sign up to Payit terms and conditions and hold an account with us. Fees are based on the volume and average value of e-commerce transactions. Speak to a NatWest Relationship Manager (where relevant) for further information, or request a call back.


Happy customers and reduced admin

Wyboston Lakes Resort has received extremely positive feedback from their customers who have used Payit. Coupled with the business advantages outlined above, meant that Payit perfectly met Wyboston Lakes ambitions for the technology.

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