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Sending payments
Getting started

Getting started

How are pay-outs created?

Payouts can be created within our Bankline proposition, which means no technical work is required on your side.

This can is powered through a templated email, which is sent to the payee through the details you provided, and they simply click the link to claim their funds.

Alternatively, we have other options available which would allow you to embed Payit™ within your existing business systems through our API solution, which would allow you to deliver the claim link through your method of choice – be that through our email, your email, or potentially your own SMS, app or website – creating a fantastic experience for your payees.

What’s the implementation support?

Customers are provided with a dedicated implementation manager to support onboarding.

However, customers would need to procure their own IT resources to undertake any integration or development to their own system if they wish to use the API.

Can we only send payouts to personal accounts?

Sending Payments can send payouts to both personal and business accounts.

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