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Trouble shooting

Trouble shooting

Why has my transaction been held?

Sometimes transactions may be held by your Bank to do some further checks. You can check your mobile or online banking to see if the payment was released by the bank or alternatively contact them through your usual channels.

What happens if I experience any of the following issues?

  • I keep getting a fault when I’m trying to make or receive a payment
  • I can’t get any further than the bank selection screen
  • The journey has timed out
  • I’m getting error messages in the journey

We suggest you wait for a few hours, then check your online or mobile banking again to see if it has through. If there’s still a problem, please contact either us or your processing Bank straightaway. Contact us in the case of an error occurring on any of the Payit screens and contact your Bank, if an error occurs during your Bank’s journey.

My bank is not listed?

We have already connected to a number of major UK banks and the list of banks we offer is always growing. So, please make sure to keep choosing Payit™, as your preferred account may be listed soon.

Where can I find out more about Payit and Open Banking?

Payit is a new, secure way to pay & get paid directly from your bank. Payit uses Open Banking technology which is available from most major UK banks.

For more details on Open Banking follow this link.

The page isn’t accessible/ doesn’t look right/ doesn’t work properly on my browser.

We’ve optimised Payit for most mainstream desktop browsers and mobile devices, but smaller providers or older handsets may mean that the journey does not render properly. Please be assured that the Payit service is safe and that your transaction should still work in just the same way.

I have the banking app on my phone, but it is not opening. What should I do?

  1. Make sure you have the updated version of the banking app
  2. If you are using an Android device, use Chrome instead of Samsung internet
  3. If you are on an Android device and are completing the payment journey through another app, such as a social media channel – copy the browser link and open in your standard browser app instead

I started the journey in my merchant app and cancelled the transaction at the bank and now my merchant app is stuck on this page. What should I do?

You will need to fully close the app and refresh it to start the Payit journey again.

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