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For personal use
Payit™ for personal use

Payit™ for personal use

What is Payit?

Payit is a fast, fair, simple and safe way to pay & get paid. No need to login, sign up or get card details. No passwords or authorisation codes. Just see all your bank account and account balances in one go. Then select the way you’d like to pay or get paid.

Do I need to be a NatWest customer to use Payit?

Payit is available to customers of all major UK banks. You do not have to be a NatWest customer to use Payit.

Is Payit an app?

No. Payit is an online payment solution, that you can use on your desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Do I need to download an app for Payit to work?

No. Payit uses the UK's Open Banking infrastructure to securely connect to your bank's mobile or online banking. Payit will connect to your online banking if you do not have the mobile app installed on your device. If you use your Bank's mobile banking app, we recommend that you regularly update your app.

Does Payit have to be used on a mobile/tablet or can I use it on a browser?

Yes. You can use Payit on a web browser, although the journey will be even smoother on a mobile. You will need to sign into your online banking to use Payit via a web browser and may require a card and reader if your bank requires you to use one when making payments online.

How secure is Payit and how do I authenticate the payment?

Payit uses the UK's Open Banking infrastructure to securely connect to your bank's mobile banking app or online banking. This allows you to log in using your existing online or mobile banking login credentials.

Payit does not see your login credentials and Payit does not store or share any of your personal bank account information. More details on Open Banking.

How much does it cost to use Payit?

Payit does not charge for you to pay or get paid with Payit.

My bank is not listed as an option in Payit.

We’ve already connected Payit to all major UK banks. The list we work with is always growing. Your bank may be on the list soon.

My banking app isn’t opening.

  • Make sure you’re using the most up-to-date version of your banking app.
  • Try using Chrome instead of your default browser. Payit works best in Chrome.
  • If you’re trying to make or receive a payment from another app, copy the link and paste it into Chrome or your default browser instead.

Why has my payment been held?

Sometimes your bank may delay a transaction to give it time to run some checks. Please check your mobile or online banking to see if the payment has gone through and get in touch with your bank if you need to.

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