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Sending payments
Trouble shooting

Trouble shooting

What user roles are available within Bankline, and what does each role do?

These key roles are:

  • Super User: This user has Admin rights and permissions to Add/Amend/Remove and manage users, run reports and view all account balances.
  • Creator: This user has permissions to create either an individual payout or to import a list of payouts using the bulk upload feature.
  • Self-Approval: This user has permissions to create either an individual payout or to import a list of payouts using the bulk upload feature. This user can also approve their own payouts up to an agreed limit set by your business. This user cannot approve any payouts other than ones they have created up to the agreed limit set by your business.
  • Approver: This user can approve payouts created by other users. This user cannot approve their own payout. In some instances, your business may have set a limit for some payouts to have multiple approvers (dual approvals) - in this instance, the user can be either the initial or secondary approver, provided they did not create the payout.

What is the bulk upload limit?

The limit for bulk uploads is set to the maximum amount of payouts per day that your business has set during onboarding with your Implementation Manager.

Does every payment with Payit™ need authorising with Payit?

Sending Payments through Bankline

All payouts created in Bankline will need to be approved within the Bankline. The methods of approval are detailed below:

  • Single Approval: another user with the approver role must log in and approve the payout.
  • Self-Approval*: users can have a specific role to approve their own payouts to a set limit.
  • Dual Approval*: for payouts above a set limit, you may need two users with the approver role to login and approve the payout.

*These features are optional and set the associated limits during on-boarding with your Implementation Manager.

Sending Payments API

For payouts created using the API, we expect these to be pre-approved within your internal system before they reach Payit Sending Payments, removing the need to approve again.

What happens if a customer does not claim their funds?

Customers have a maximum of 30 days to claim their funds before the payout link expires. When creating a payout, you can reduce number if you wish, however you cannot extend it beyond the 30-day maximum.

If funds are not claimed within this time, the customer will have to get in touch with you to obtain a new payout link. Funds are not debited from your account until they are claimed by the customer.

Can we put a trace on funds where a customer has claimed ‘non receipt’?

Funds are sent via Faster Payment. All existing processes around Faster Payment can be employed including tracing and making use of the Credit Payment Recovery process for payouts over £100.

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